Ceausescu’s Balcony


This is the building of former Central Comitee (Romanian: Comitetul Central) . You can see right up the flags the famous balcony where dictator Ceausescu held his last speech in December 1989. From the roof of the building he and some of his men escaped on the 22nd of December with the help of a helicopter.

Nowadays the place is called Revolution Square (Romanian: Piata Revolutiei) and the building belongs to Romanian  Ministry of the Interior.


  1. A moment of history indeed. I still remember seeing the coverage on the news over here in 1989. I never get tired of seeing him hesitate when the crowds start shouting.

  2. Yes, that is the moment I could watch again and again – it’s not only the hesitation – he was really astonished that something like that could happened. For them (he and his wife) that was something unbelievebal.

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