Children‘s Games

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Dear Bucharest Daily Colours readers,

Rememeber ? Some time ago, I told you about Children’s games book we ( I‘m a contributor for Romania) prepare at PocketCultures and you were so kind to help us by answering the        poll questions.

At the moment, PocketCultures contributors are writing about games played in their countries and we invite you be a part of the team.

Write about a game played by children where you live and your entry could be featured in the book!

General rules to enter the contest:

  • Write about a game played by kids in your country.
  • Describe how to play it and something extra about how it fits in your country / culture: do you know a story about the game’s history? Or does it bring back memories? Do kids still play these days?
  • Games which don’t need equipment are best (that way kids all over the world can play). It could be a game you play indoors or outdoors, a game with a song attached to it, it might involve running around, it might be a sitting-down game.

But, what is the prize ?

Well… if you win:

  • your game will be included in our book of children’s games around the world;
  • you will be profiled on the author page of the book;
  • you will receive a free copy of the completed ebook

To enter:

1. Write your entry here or post it on your blog (link to this post and leave a comment with a link to yours)
2. Submissions should be less than 500 words
3. Closing date is Saturday 23rd October

All the online entries will be linked in a post after the competition closes. Good luck!