Unbelievable Tragedy in Bucharest

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Emergency ambulances in front of Giulesti Maternity Hospital, waiting for the pacients to be transferred / photo was taken from Realitatea TV Station

What an unbelievable tragedy happend a few hours ago in Bucharest !

An explosion, followed by a fire, in the the intensive care section of one of the most known Maternity Hospital in Bucharest – “Giulesti”. Three of the newborn babies in that room died and eight were transferred to “Grigore Alexandrescu” Children Hospital in a very bad condition. They have bad burns on 60-80% of the body and identity bracelets were also burned making their identification very difficult.

The whole building was evacuated and pacients were transferred at other hospitals. The authorities have started an investigation to find out the causes of this tragedy, which might be caused by a short-circuit at an air conditioning system.

Who will pay for parents‘pain ?

UPDATE 18th August

A fourth newborn baby died and the other seven are struggling for their lives. An Israel medical team have arrived Bucharest today and have offered their help for the injured babies.
All Giulesti Maternity Hospital managers have been relieved .