On the 6th of January most of the Romanian Christians celebrate  Boboteaza the day when Jesus  was baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptizer. During a special religious service called “Great Holy Water “ the waters are blessed.

People come in great number to attend this service and, at the end of it,  take with them at home basil and the holy water called Agheazma. They say Agheazma can stay fresh all year long and has special powers. It protects you from troubles, diseases and brings peace to your mind and soul.

6th of January 2010 – Kretulescu Church

Haven’t you married yet ? The night before Boboteaza, put a twig of basil taken from the church under your pillow and you will dream your future spouse ( at least that’s what popular traditions say !)

For most of us, urban people, it seems that Boboteaza means more a queu at the church to fill our bottles with Agheazma and we tend to forget the meaning.

6th of January 2010 – Kretulescu Church