The Decalogue of Silence

The Ten Commandments of Silence – as they can be read inside Kretulescu Church:

1  Keep silence, unless you have something valuable to say !

2  Keep silence, when you have spoken enough !

3  Keep silence, until it’s your turn to speak !

4  Keep silence, when you’re provoked !

5  Keep silence, when you feel nervous or irritable !

6  Keep silence, when you enter inside the church, so that God can talk to you !

7  Keep silence, when you leave the church, so that Holy Ghost can fill your mind with what you’ve heard !

8  Keep silence, when you’re tempted to gossip !

9  Keep silence, when you’re tempted to criticize !

10 Keep silence, so that you have time to think before you speak !

So many times we break the silence and than regret a lot.