Waiting in a Queu – The Answer


Yes people waited in a queu to buy tickets, but for visiting The Spring Fair (Martisor) at The Romanian Peasant Museum and buy “martisoare” and other presents for 1st & 8th of March .

On the 1st of March in our country there is a beautiful tradition – on this day, generally men & boys (but not necessarily) offer a little object ( in a variety of shapes, forms, textures and colours) tied with a red & white thread to mothers, lovers, sisters, friends, colleagues, teachers, etc. to bring them luck .

This is called “Martisor” (from the name of the month March=Martie) and every year at The Romanian Peasant Museum people come in great number to buy them . And also to buy other presents for the 8th of March ( Women International Day) – again offered by men or boys.

So, between 1st and 8th of March every year, men or boys have always a very busy time.