Chocolate Workshop

Children invited to participate in a Chocolate Workshop at Romanian Tourism Fair – Romexpo 2008.

 As I promised, today I pass on The Kreativ Award received from Jackie – so this is my choice:







(The Flying Quiche)

I appreciate the bloggers behind these sites because every one of their photos has a story ( one told by the author or one you could just guess).

And the 6 things that make me happy:

  • make people I love happy
  • listen to my favourite music (by the way, I’m an U2 fan)
  • travel and meet people from other cultures
  • drink my coffee in the morning
  • put things “in motion”


  1. Thank you so much for this very nice award! I’m very proud of it! I didn’t know your blog, so now I know the way to come here. Have a nice day in Bucharest (and I love chocolate, he, he…)

  2. Thank you – the award will appear in tomorrow’s Sibiu post.

    I just love the expression of the little girl on the right. She looks so intense, and is clearly taking her chocolate very very seriously. She’ll go far 😀

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